21.01.2022 — 27.01.2022        Austria, Vienna and hybrid
Coming together to shape the future

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2023/08/27 - Competition for having international technical internship for summer 2024

2022/02/19 - Anniversary IAESTE Meeting


1. On the activities of IAESTE for 2021 and the tasks for 2022.

2. On the results of the 75th IAESTE Annual Conference in Vienna, Austria.

3. Report of students who have completed foreign internships in 2021.

4. Approval of candidates applying for foreign internships in 2022.

5. IAESTE Audit Commission report.

6. About changes in the board and organizational structure of IAESTE.

7. About changes in the Audit Commission of IAESTE.

8. About approval of the estimates of income and expenses for 2022.

9. Miscellaneous.

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